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Getting an appropriate quote

The cost of Graide varies based on several factors including the number of students and the nature of questions and courses being administered. To provide an accurate quote tailored to your specific needs, we'd appreciate a bit more information.

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The benefits of using Graide

Graide utilises a holistic, end-to-end approach to optimising the assessment workflow, integrating cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence to maximise process efficiency at every stage.

Comprehensive Process Refinement
The full assessment lifecycle, encompassing assignment creation, distribution, completion, collection, organisation, moderation and finalisation occurs entirely on Graide's unified platform. This consolidation enhances oversight while removing friction and fragmentation.

Intuitive STEM Input Capabilities
Graide's optical character recognition, handwriting recognition and specialised STEM input systems employ advanced algorithms to empower seamless, user-friendly input. Students can intuitively submit responses without technology hindering their process.

Secure In-Person Exam Administration
To facilitate analogue assessments, Graide provides the required equipment including industrial-grade scanning systems and guillotine devices to digitise written exams. A reliable identifier matching system accurately splits then routes submissions to ensure a streamlined grading experience.

Configurable Automated Feedback
Educators can customise Graide's automation threshold to match their priorities. Opting for integrated AI-enabled grading generates timely formative assessment data to reveal student misconceptions, inform teaching practices, and enable personalised learning pathways.

Robust Diagnostic Analytics
Graide's multifaceted analytics suite detects patterns in student errors, tracks progress over time, and provides summary insights into knowledge gaps. Educators can leverage these rich data visualisation tools to target instruction, intervene timely, and create truly adaptive learning environments.

Complete Academic Integrity Safeguards
Comprehensive activity audit trails track all interactions with submissions to uphold academic integrity. Educators can verify that student work is original while monitoring engagement. Granular version histories reinforce the authenticity of completed assignments.

Graide Features

Replay Grading
Exam Grading
Digital Grading
Batch Script Upload
Batch Script Download
Grade CSV Export
Collaborative Grading
Assignment Statistics
Student Visual & Markdown Input
Student on Screen Handwriting Input
LMS Integration


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