Grader Identifier

See which member of staff gave what feedback in every case.

The Challenge: Maintaining Feedback Quality

Feedback plays a critical role in student learning, ensuring accountability for feedback quality is paramount. Without visibility into who provided specific feedback in each case, educators and administrators struggle to assess feedback effectiveness and provide targeted support or training. Inconsistent or anonymous feedback can undermine student confidence and hinder learning outcomes.

Lack of Feedback Accountability

The absence of a systematic approach to identifying feedback providers leaves organisations in the dark about feedback accountability. Without clear visibility into who provided feedback in each case, educators and administrators are unable to assess feedback quality accurately or address issues effectively. This lack of accountability hampers efforts to maintain consistency and effectiveness in feedback delivery.

Our Solution: Grader Identifier

Graide's solution to feedback quality and accountability challenges.

Clear Feedback Attribution

With Graide, organisations can easily see which staff member provided feedback in every case. Our platform provides transparent attribution of feedback, ensuring accountability and clarity in the feedback process. Educators and administrators can confidently assess feedback quality and provide targeted support or recognition to staff members based on their contributions.

Feedback Quality Assessment

By identifying feedback providers, Graide enables organisations to assess feedback quality accurately and consistently. Educators and administrators can review feedback from individual staff members and provide targeted feedback or training to improve effectiveness. This ensures that students receive high-quality, personalised feedback that supports their learning goals.

Accountability and Recognition

Graide's Grader Identifier feature promotes accountability and recognition among staff members by attributing feedback to individual providers. Staff members can take ownership of their feedback contributions and receive recognition for their efforts. This fosters a culture of accountability and excellence in feedback delivery, enhancing overall effectiveness and student satisfaction.

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