How Graide Works

Graide learns how educators give feedback so they never have to grade the same method twice.

Consider the following question

With all the steps one student has taken:
All the steps one student has taken to answer a differentiation question.

In Reality We Have Hundreds Of Students

When taking into account all the steps, the paths students can take is immense.
All the steps 172 students have taken to answer a differentiation question.

Graide - The AI in Grade

As you grade, our platform uses AI to analyse your students responses and how you give feedback. This lets you grade multiple responses at the same time.
A workflow to show how the AI assists educators whilst grading.

Using Our Technology, The Tree Is
Dramatically Simplified

All the steps 172 students have taken to answer a differentiation question, after it has been simplified by Graide.

Grade Faster With Every Submission

A graph showing how fast Graide learns over time.
Our research has shown decrease in grading times and increase in feedback given back to students.
Time Reduction
Grading time per script went from 11.2 to 2.8 mins
More Feedback
Feedback per script went from 23 to 166 words

We Graide All Subjects


How We Are Better

Graide logo
Multiple Choice
Automatic Grading
Can give feedback on working
Analytics on approach
Freeform answer
Doesn't require programming
Accepts handwriting
Personalised feedback

Graide fits into your existing workflow

A graphic highlighting consistency when grading multiple submsisions.
Shared rubric which dynamically updates to ensure consistency. Updating the feedback in one place updates it for all students.
Aggregate Class Analytics
Know what topics your students are struggling with as you grade so you can update your teaching to reflect their learning.
Statistics graph for students.
A teacher and student discussing.
Ask Any Question
There is no programming required to write sophisticated questions. Our semi-automated workflow does all the heavy lifting for you.
No Repetitive Work
Our platform learns as you grade so that you don’t grade the same answer twice. This learns over time so the benefits improve as questions are repeated between classes / year groups.
A teacher struggling with lots of paperwork, with a large x highlighting this is not a problem.

Everyone Loves Us

A picture of Enrico Martello
Enrico Martello
Teaching Assistant
“The more one gets into the software, the quicker it becomes. It was astonishingly quick!”
Michael Clark
Teaching Assistant
“The bank of feedback is immediately useful. But the biggest advantages, in my view, are the consistency of retroactively updating feedback.”
A photo of George McArdle
George McArdle
Teaching Assistant
"I found it a relatively easy system to use once you’ve got the hang of it and, in my personal opinion, I found it to be a great improvement on handwritten marking."
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