Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Graide?

Opting for Graide offers users a seamless experience, notably diminishing workload and expediting processes. Moreover, its unique approach enhances the quality of feedback provided to students. For an in-depth exploration of these benefits, delve into our University of Birmingham case study.

What sets Graide apart from other assessment platforms?

Graide is truly a comprehensive platform, accommodating a wide variety of questions – from mathematical to essays. Whether your focus is on formative or summative assessments, or even if you're toggling between digital and analogue assignments, Graide has got you covered. A standout feature is its ability to provide feedback on methodologies while pinpointing crucial elements of responses. Leveraging AI, Graide not only minimises workload but also significantly elevates the quality of feedback. This multi-functionality, combined with its user-friendly interface, is unmatched in the industry.

Is Graide capable of grading essays?

Absolutely! With Graide, you can design a concise rubric and establish a system for providing localised feedback on essays. And stay tuned – we're in the process of introducing AI-driven feedback for essays to further enhance the experience!

Is Graide suitable for grading multiple-choice tests?

Absolutely! Students can easily indicate their choice by typing the respective letter of their answer. What's more, they have the option to include an explanation or rationale behind their choice, enabling educators to provide even more detailed feedback.

Do I or my students need any special equipment to use Graide?

No specialised equipment is needed. For educators, a desktop, laptop, or tablet is sufficient for grading assignments. As for students, any modern device with internet connectivity—be it a smartphone, tablet, or computer—is all that's required.

What are the pricing options for Graide?

The cost of Graide varies based on several factors including the number of students and the nature of questions and courses being administered. To provide an accurate quote tailored to your specific needs, we'd appreciate a bit more information. We're available for a chat! Please schedule a convenient time for you on our team's calendar, and we'd be happy to discuss this further.

What is the onboarding process for Graide?

Onboarding to Graide is a systematic and user-friendly experience:

  1. Technical Integration: This initial step requires about an hour of a technical administrator's time. During this phase, we'll establish a passwordless login system and synchronise grading with your learning management system.
  2. Training Sessions: We've organised a series of training calls for your team. This involves:
  • Guiding you through setting up your inaugural assignment.
  • Walking you through the marking procedure.
  • Conducting a debrief after the release of feedback.

Please note that all these training sessions are recorded, ensuring they're available as a resource for ongoing team reference and training purposes.