Reduce grading SLAs with AI powered assessment

Cut grading times, improve consistency of feedback, and increase process visibility.
Our markers are more efficient since using Graide. All the feedback we now collect internally is significantly faster and better. In the assignments we’re using Graide, we’re seeing a CSAT improvement of 15%.
Matt Jones
Founder & MD

1000s of students, 10s of graders, nothing in the middle to sort it out

Running an E-Learning platform is hard. A sea of students submitting assignments, a limited number of graders, and no middle ground to bring order to the chaos. No wonder you're overwhelmed and frustrated.

The pain of financial constraints, as you struggle to balance resources and revenue to deliver coaching and training. The frustration of inconsistent grading practices that create confusion and dissatisfaction. The time-consuming task of generating reports for accrediting bodies, diverting your team's energy away from more valuable tasks.

Let's not forget the relentless pressure to meet SLAs and ensure high CSAT scores. The stress of attempting to reduce turnaround times while simultaneously enhancing the student experience is a constant burden.

You're not alone in grappling with these challenges. These pains are real, and they impact your company's success and reputation.
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Graide is that missing piece in the middle

Graide is the missing piece in the middle, the solution you've been longing for to alleviate the grading chaos so you can focus on your business.

Reduce Grading Times with AI-Powered Assessment
Goodbye manual grading! Our AI assessment engine saves time, delivers accuracy, and lets your team prioritise what matters.

Manage Workload with Automated Resource Management
Balance grading workload effortlessly! Graide's smart resource management system distributes tasks evenly, eliminating bottlenecks.

Keep on Top of SLAs with Automatic Filtering of High-Priority Items
Meet SLAs with ease! Graide identifies and prioritises high-priority tasks,  ensuring on-time delivery for excellence.
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Whatever course you’re running, Graide can help

No matter the type of assignments or assessments you use, Graide has you covered. From essays to mathematics, multiple-choice questions to image-based assessments, we provide versatile grading solutions to suit your specific requirements.
We've worked with a wide array of courses and institutions. Whatever you're running, Graide has a proven track record of enhancing grading efficiency and consistency.
Whatever course you're running, Graide can help. Our flexible solutions cater to a wide range of grading needs, making your life easier.
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It is shockingly easy to get started

If you use a learning management system like Moodle, it take a quick call to set up the integration.

Follow that up with a training day to get your content team ready to transfer content, and get your markers prepared with the new platform.

Then roll out your courses one at a time, and improve your offering incrementally.
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A system so easy to use, it saves time even without AI

Our platform is designed with such ease of use that it saves you valuable time, even before AI-powered enhancements come into play. With an intuitive interface and straightforward navigation, you'll find yourself accomplishing tasks effortlessly and quickly, making your workflow smoother and more productive.
A simplified screenshot of the PDF grading interface.

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