Reinventing Assessment and Feedback with AI

Managing assessments and feedback can be a challenging task for any educational institution. Do you find it challenging to create and deliver assessments, organise grading, and provide comprehensive feedback on a timely basis? Are you spending too much time tracking student submissions and still feel you're not making enough headway?

No matter whether your system is digital or analogue, formative or summative, we know how it can get cumbersome and time-consuming. These issues may be taking you away from what's important – teaching and supporting your students.

See it in action - Book a demo

Do you want to see how Graide can revolutionise your teaching experience? Book a demo with us today. During the demo, you'll see firsthand how the platform handles assessment creation, delivery, grading, and feedback delivery. We'll also show you how to dive into the analytics that Graide provides to make data-driven decisions for your classroom.

Whether you're a solo educator or part of a bigger team, our demo is tailored to your needs. We'll take you through the process step-by-step and answer any questions you may have.

Follow-Up Sessions with your Team

Once you've seen Graide in action, you might want to share the experience with more members of your team. We're more than happy to organise follow-up sessions where we can dive deeper into how Graide can address your specific challenges and goals.

Just let us know the best time, and we'll arrange a detailed walk-through with your team. Because at Graide, we're all about making education more manageable, one assessment at a time.Let's take the first step together towards a smarter way of teaching and learning.

We look forward to showing you the future of education with Graide.