Give more feedback, faster than ever.

Deliver assignments and get immediate insights into student performance. Graide uses artificial intelligence to help you provide tailored feedback for maths, short text, and essays!
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What they say about us.

"We used Graide in our stats and data module, and it was very helpful when it came to the feedback. Giving separate feedback, showing green when you've done really well, orange when you were nearly there, and red when things just weren't going well. That really specific feedback on line by line work was perfect. I would definitely recommend that other lectures start using it."
"The whole process from start to finish becomes much more efficient. Not just from the point of view of being able to mark quicker, but it allows you then to give more detail in the marking because you've got that time to be able to do that. It's a real improvement on the whole marking experience."
"Overall, it is very good and definitely helped reduce the marking time towards the later submissions. I found it a relatively easy system to use once you’ve got the hang of it and, in my personal opinion, I found it to be a great improvement on handwritten marking."
"The more one gets into the software, the quicker it becomes. It was astonishingly quick!"
"I used Graide to grade the final exams for my Calculus course and found it to be a useful tool for providing consistent and high-quality feedback. The platform was easy to use and allowed me to grade assignments faster than using paper or Canvas SpeedGrader. I would recommend departments try Graide."
"I would say that going from unmarked scripts to a file consisting of student marks took me half the time."
"The main benefits about Graide from the point of view of markers are saving a lot of time on marking a given batch and also making sure that your feedback is consistent with respect to the rest of the group."
"I'd recommend Graide because it makes your life easy. Relative to other grading platforms I've used, it really makes me more efficient, it makes me mark more in the time I've got available. It makes my marking a lot better, a lot more consistent. It makes it so that the students have got a lot more feedback to work on for the next assignment."

An end-to-end assessment & feedback platform for everyone

Graide lets you build assignments in minutes that you can deliver digitally or on paper. Give feedback digitally or on scans, directly on the method.
Your tailored feedback, directed to where it matters most
A simplified screenshot of the PDF grading interface.
A picture of Dr Edward Tarte.
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“Graide has made a huge difference to how I was able to operate.”
Dr Edward Tarte
Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering

Actual AI-assisted grading on the method.
Not just grouping answers.

Graide learns how you give feedback.  It will make suggestions based on previously graded answers, dynamically learning in as few as three responses.
Your feedback, suggested by artificial intelligence
A simplified screenshot of the AI grading interface.
How the AI works
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“The more one gets into the software, the quicker it becomes. It was astonishingly quick!”
Enrico Martello
Teaching Assistant, School of Physics & Astronomy

The most advanced editor ever built

Students can use visual maths, LaTeX, markdown, images, optical character recognition, and handwriting recognition all in one place. It’s never been easier to answer questions with the entire method.
An example of handwriting conversion.
Digitise handwriting, or use optical character recognition
An example image of optical character recognition turning handwritten mathematics into Latex.

Tailored learning support to improve student outcomes

See question-level breakdown, a histogram of assignment grades, and category breakdown of your rubrics.
Your cohort’s grades and issues they need to work on
A histogram of grades.
An example graph of categories of mistakes and issues students face.
How to improve NSS scores

Connect to your systems quickly and safely

Graide integrates with a variety of learning management systems:
Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace.
We are fully GDPR compliant.

We built Graide while being teaching assistants, and lecturers

A picture of co-founder and CEO, Manjinder Kainth.
“We learnt that traditional paper grading systems were slow to turn around, took a long time to grade, and struggled to maintain consistency. At the same time, fully automated grading couldn’t give formative feedback to students.”
Manjinder Kainth, PhD
Co-founder, CEO

Recognition of excellence