Reduce lecturer workload, with AI powered assessment

Save educators time and improve feedback quality for students with Graide.

Staff are striking, students are complaining, and assessment is necessary

Grading challenges have become an all-consuming pain in your daily operations. Staff strikes intensify the burden on your limited resources, leaving you overwhelmed. Student complaints echo the chaos, casting shadows on the educational experience.

Amidst this turmoil, one undeniable truth remains – assessment is indispensable. The pain of maintaining assessment standards during these turbulent times is palpable. The strain on your staff, the frustration of students, and the threat to your institution's reputation are relentless sources of discomfort.

The agony of grappling with these grading challenges is real. It's a pain that can't be ignored. But together, we can address these concerns head-on and find solutions to ease the burden. Stay with us as we explore ways to alleviate the grading pains that staff strikes and student complaints have brought to the forefront.

Graide makes everything about assessment better

Graide is the missing piece, the solution you've been longing for to alleviate the grading chaos.

Reduce Grading Times with AI-Powered Assessment
Save time with our AI assessment engine. Deliver assignments with accuracy, and let your team prioritise what matters - the students.

Manage Workload with Automated Resource Management
Balance grading workload effortlessly! Graide's smart resource management system distributes tasks evenly, eliminating bottlenecks.

Improve consistency and quality of feedback
Graide has been shown to increase feedback by 7x, and with retroactive editing you can moderate and be consistent with ease!
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Graide is suitable for the whole university

Thanks to Graide's AI essay, AI short text, and AI maths engine alongside its PDF, image, and MCQ grading interface, you can truly use it for nearly every subject.
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A system so easy to use, it saves time even without AI

Our platform is designed with such ease of use that it saves you valuable time, even before AI-powered enhancements come into play. With an intuitive interface and straightforward navigation, you'll find yourself accomplishing tasks effortlessly and quickly, making your workflow smoother and more productive.
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