Organising Feedback

Group feedback to better manage your rubrics.

The Challenge: Feedback Management Complexity

Educators face the daunting task of managing feedback and comments efficiently, especially when working collaboratively within a team. With multiple graders providing feedback on various assignments, ensuring consistency and coherence in feedback delivery can be challenging. Without a structured framework for organising feedback, educators may find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of comments, making it difficult to track, analyse, and act upon feedback effectively.

Team Coordination Issues

Traditional feedback management methods may lack the flexibility and adaptability needed to support effective team collaboration. Educators may encounter difficulties in coordinating feedback efforts, as disparate systems and processes hinder seamless communication and coordination among team members. Without a centralised platform for organising feedback, educators may struggle to maintain alignment and consistency in grading practices, leading to discrepancies and inefficiencies in assessment outcomes.

Our Solution: Collaborative Feedback Organisation

Graide's Organizing Feedback feature offers a solution to the challenges of feedback management complexity and team coordination issues.

Group Feedback Management

With Graide, educators can group feedback to better manage rubrics and ensure consistency in grading practices across assignments. Our platform allows educators to organise feedback into categories or rubrics, enabling seamless collaboration and coordination among team members. Whether grouping feedback by assignment, topic, or student, Graide empowers educators to streamline feedback management and ensure alignment in grading practices.

Customizable Rubrics

Graide enables educators to create rubrics tailored to their specific preferences and requirements. Our platform allows educators to customise rubrics to their liking, rearranging feedback elements and criteria to better align with grading standards and objectives. Whether creating rubrics from scratch or modifying existing templates, educators have the flexibility to design rubrics that meet the unique needs of their students and assignments.

Team Collaboration Features

Graide facilitates seamless collaboration among team members by providing features that support communication and coordination. Educators can rearrange feedback to their liking without affecting other graders, ensuring individual autonomy and flexibility in grading practices. Our platform also enables educators to share feedback templates, rubrics, and grading guidelines with team members, fostering alignment and consistency in assessment practices.

More effective feedback management and seamless collaboration enhance grading efficiency and consistency, empowering you to streamline collaboration, coordinate efforts, and ensure alignment in grading practices across your team.