Pool Grading

Collate all student work and have your staff pick up the most urgent work whenever they're available.

The Challenge: Flexible Work Environment

In today's dynamic work environment, managing grading tasks among multiple staff members can be a daunting task. With team members working remotely or on varied schedules, ensuring prompt and efficient task assignment becomes increasingly challenging. The traditional methods of task allocation often fall short, leading to delays and inefficiencies in the grading process.

Difficulty in Task Allocation

The inability to swiftly and effectively assign grading tasks can result in bottlenecks and delays, impacting the overall efficiency and productivity of your grading process. Trying to match staff availability with the urgency of grading tasks becomes a logistical nightmare, leading to frustration and inefficiencies among your team members.

Our Solution: Pool Grading

Graide's Pool Grading feature offers a game-changing solution to the challenges of task allocation in a flexible work environment. By collating all student work into a centralised pool, we empower your staff to pick up tasks based on urgency and availability, ensuring prompt and efficient grading at all times.

Effortless Task Visibility

All grading tasks within Graide are readily available within a gated access pool, accessible to your staff members whenever they log in. With clear visibility into the urgency of each task, your team can easily identify and prioritise high-priority work, ensuring no critical assignments fall through the cracks.

Flexible Work Allocation

Our intuitive platform allows staff members to select and begin grading the most urgent tasks whenever they're available. Whether working remotely or on-site, your team can seamlessly access and tackle grading assignments with ease, maximising productivity and efficiency.

Secure Assignment Lock-In

Once a staff member begins grading a task, it is automatically assigned to them, ensuring exclusive ownership and preventing duplicate grading efforts. This eliminates confusion and streamlines the grading process, allowing for smoother collaboration and accountability within your team.

Experience the power of streamlined task allocation with Graide's Pool Grading feature. Say goodbye to the complexities of grading assignments and hello to seamless efficiency. Let us revolutionise your grading workflow, empowering your team to deliver exceptional results, every time.