Log Student Interaction

See when students view, begin, and submit assignments.

The Challenge: Monitoring Student Engagement

Tracking student platform interactions is vital for assessing engagement. Without visibility into when students view, begin, and submit assignments, educators and administrators can't accurately measure engagement or offer timely support. This oversight risks missed intervention opportunities and undermines student success.

Lack of Visibility into Student Interactions

Insufficient logging of student interactions makes it hard for educators and administrators to see how engaged students are. This means they can't spot patterns or trends in behaviour, which makes it difficult to enhance operations and support student success.

Our Solution: Interaction Logging

Graide's Interaction Logging feature offers a proactive solution to the challenges of monitoring student engagement and optimising operations.

Comprehensive Tracking

Track student actions in real-time. Our platform captures when students view, begin, and submit assignments, enabling educators and administrators to identify patterns.

Spot Student Difficulties early

Stay ahead with Graide's proactive monitoring. Identify struggling or disengaged students promptly and provide targeted support, enhancing their success and overall outcomes.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline operations with our data-driven approach. Analyse student engagement to identify areas for improvement and enhance operational efficiency for better student support and success.

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