Aggregated Issues

Collate issues where students are struggling across all your courses.

The Challenge: Limited Visibility Across Courses

As an educator, it can be challenging to track your students' progress and performance across multiple courses. Without a centralised system to aggregate data from various assignments and courses, it's difficult to identify common areas of difficulty and address them effectively. This lack of visibility can hinder your ability to provide targeted support and intervention where it's needed most, impacting student success and learning outcomes.

Identifying Common Struggles

Identifying common struggles among students across different courses is crucial for understanding their learning needs and providing appropriate support. However, without a streamlined process to collate and analyse student performance data, educators may struggle to identify recurring issues and trends. This can result in missed opportunities to address common challenges and improve overall student outcomes.

Our Solution: Aggregated Issues

Graide's Aggregated Issues feature offers a solution to the challenges of limited visibility across courses and difficulty in identifying common struggles.

Comprehensive Data Collation

With Graide, educators can easily collate issues where students are struggling across all their courses. Our platform aggregates data from various assignments and courses, providing educators with a comprehensive overview of common areas of difficulty. This allows educators to identify patterns and trends in student performance and tailor their teaching approach accordingly.

Targeted Intervention

Graide enables educators to provide targeted support and intervention based on aggregated issues identified across courses. By understanding common struggles among students, educators can develop strategies to address these challenges effectively. This targeted intervention promotes student understanding and mastery of key concepts, ultimately improving overall learning outcomes.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

By leveraging Graide's Aggregated Issues feature, educators can make data-driven decisions to enhance teaching and learning practices. The insights gained from aggregated data enable educators to prioritise areas for improvement, allocate resources effectively, and implement evidence-based strategies to support student success across courses.

Experience the transformative benefits of Graide's Aggregated Issues feature. Say goodbye to fragmented data and hello to actionable insights that empower you to make informed decisions and drive student success across courses. Let us revolutionise your approach to student performance analysis, helping you create a more effective and impactful learning environment for your students.