Moderation Manager

Have your leaders review student submissions and make changes.

The Challenge: Scaling Grader Review

In a large-scale grading environment, ensuring consistency and quality across grader work poses a significant challenge. Reviewing grader submissions, providing feedback, and making necessary changes at scale requires meticulous attention to detail and consumes valuable time and resources. Without a streamlined moderation process in place, maintaining standards becomes increasingly difficult, leading to inconsistencies and errors in assessment outcomes.

Complexity in Review Processes

The manual nature of the grader review process exacerbates the challenges of scaling review efforts. With submissions scattered across various platforms and formats, coordinating reviews and consolidating feedback becomes a logistical nightmare. Identifying discrepancies and inconsistencies in grader work requires painstaking effort, detracting from the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the moderation process.

Our Solution: Moderation Manager

Graide's Moderation Manager feature offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges of grader review at scale, empowering leaders to review student submissions, provide feedback, and make necessary changes with ease and efficiency.

Centralised Review Hub

With Graide, everything you need for grader review is consolidated in one centralised hub. From student submissions to grader feedback and revisions, our platform provides a seamless interface for conducting thorough reviews at scale. Say goodbye to scattered submissions and hello to streamlined moderation.

Effortless Correction

Our intuitive platform makes it easy to identify discrepancies and inconsistencies in grader work and make necessary corrections with just a few clicks. Whether it's adjusting grades, providing additional feedback, or making revisions, our platform simplifies the correction process, saving you time and effort.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Graide facilitates seamless collaboration and communication among leaders and graders, enabling effective feedback exchange and discussion. Leaders can provide clear guidance and direction to ensure alignment with grading standards, while graders can seek clarification and guidance as needed, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.

Experience the ease and efficiency of grader review at scale with Graide's Moderation Manager feature. Say goodbye to the complexities of manual review processes and hello to streamlined moderation and quality assurance. Let us revolutionise your grading workflow, empowering you to maintain consistency and excellence in assessment outcomes, every time.