SLA Insight

Track turnaround times from submission to feedback to improve resource management.

The Challenge: Managing SLAs Across Courses

Managing diverse courses with different requirements can be daunting. Without efficient tracking of turnaround times from submission to feedback, ensuring SLA compliance and service consistency becomes a struggle. Delays in feedback directly impact student satisfaction and learning outcomes.

Boost Performance: Track Turnaround Times

Without centralised tracking, educators and administrators lack SLA visibility. Real-time insights into feedback turnaround times are crucial for improvement and resource allocation. This gap hampers optimisation efforts and SLA consistency.

Our Solution: SLA Insight

Graide's SLA Insight feature offers a proactive solution to the challenges of managing SLAs across courses and improving resource management.

Real-Time Turnaround Tracking

Stay on top of submission to feedback times in real-time for every course. Gain detailed insights into meeting SLA goals, which helps to monitor performance and identify areas for improvement.

Performance Assessment and Optimisation

Monitor turnaround times to accurately assess performance and optimise feedback processes, ensuring consistent SLA compliance. Educators can identify delays and enhance course efficiency.

Resource Allocation Efficiency

Pinpoint feedback bottlenecks and redistribute resources using turnaround time insights to streamline operations, minimise delays, and boost overall efficiency.

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