Typed Maths

Type mathematics with an intuitive "type what you want" interface.

The Challenge: Complex Mathematics Input

For educators, it can be difficult and time-consuming to include mathematical expressions and equations in digital materials and documents. To input mathematical content efficiently, instructors and students may sometimes deal with complicated formatting requirements and specialised software when using traditional techniques of typing mathematics. This intricacy could discourage users from interacting digitally with mathematical ideas, which would impede the uptake of technologically enhanced educational resources.

Formatting Frustrations

Traditional mathematics input methods require users to navigate through intricate menus, remember complex syntax, and manually adjust formatting settings, leading to frustration and errors. This cumbersome process not only takes away productivity but also detracts from the focus on mathematical content and understanding. Educators and students may find themselves spending more time troubleshooting and formatting problems than actually engaging with the mathematical concepts themselves, resulting in decreased efficiency and effectiveness in teaching and learning.

Our Solution: Typed Maths

Graide's Typed Maths feature offers a solution to the challenges of complex mathematics input and formatting frustrations.

Intuitive Interface

Graide simplifies mathematical input by eliminating the need for specialised syntax or formatting commands. It offers an intuitive "type what you want" interface, allowing users to input mathematical content naturally, without memorising complex symbols or navigating through multiple menus. This streamlines the process, saving time and reducing frustration for educators and students.

Seamless Integration

Graide seamlessly integrates with digital documents and platforms, allowing users to input mathematical content directly into their preferred applications. Whether creating assignments, assessments, or instructional materials, users can effortlessly incorporate mathematical expressions and equations into their documents with Graide's Typed Maths feature. This seamless integration ensures consistency and compatibility across different digital environments, enhancing the usability and accessibility of mathematical content for educators and students.

Accurate Representation

Graide's Typed Maths feature ensures accurate representation of mathematical content, preserving the integrity and clarity of expressions and equations. Our platform recognises a wide range of mathematical symbols and notation conventions, allowing users to input complex mathematical expressions with confidence. Whether typing fractions, exponents, radicals, or trigonometric functions, Graide accurately interprets mathematical input and displays it in a clear and legible format, facilitating comprehension and communication of mathematical concepts.

Graide has altered the way educators and students engage with mathematical content in digital documents, transforming formatting frustrations into seamless input, empowering them to engage with mathematics with ease and confidence.

With Graide, typed maths has never been simpler. Learn more...