Document Integrity

Log Student Interactions. Suspicious behaviour is highlighted.

The Challenge: Combatting Cheating with Generative AI

In today's academic landscape, cheating facilitated by generative AI poses significant challenges. Traditional detection methods often fall short, leaving educators and institutions vulnerable. Graide offers a proactive solution.

Ineffective AI Detection

Despite AI detectors, detecting generative AI-facilitated cheating remains challenging. Current systems struggle with evolving methods, leaving institutions vulnerable. Without reliable interaction logging and identifying suspicious behaviour, academic integrity is compromised.

Our Solution: Interaction Logging for Document Integrity

Experience the power of Graide's Interaction Logging feature, offering a proactive solution to combat cheating with generative AI and maintain document integrity.

Tracking Activity

Track student interactions seamlessly across our platform, recording every step from accessing assignments to submitting responses. Ensure transparency and accountability in assessments.

Highlighting Suspicious Behaviour

Our advanced algorithms analyse student interactions in real-time, promptly flagging any signs of suspicious behaviour. Whether it's rapid completion times or irregular response patterns, receive instant alerts to take swift action.

Staying Ahead of Cheating

Stay one step ahead by monitoring interactions, detecting suspicious behavior, and intervening promptly with real-time alerts. Safeguard assessment integrity and maintain academic standards effortlessly.

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