Upload Scripts

Upload offline student attempts with a simple zip file.

The Challenge: Handling Offline Assignments

Educators often encounter situations where students submit their assignments offline, such as handwritten exams or paper-based assessments. Grading these offline submissions presents unique challenges, as educators must find efficient ways to collect, organise, and evaluate physical documents while maintaining accuracy and consistency in assessment practices. Without a structured mechanism for handling offline assignments, educators may find themselves overwhelmed by the administrative burden and logistical complexities associated with manual grading processes.

Manual Grading Processes

Traditional grading methods for offline assignments often rely on manual processes that are time-consuming, error-prone, and labour-intensive. Educators may spend hours manually inputting grades, organising paper-based submissions, and tracking student progress, detracting from their ability to provide timely feedback and support student learning. Without automated solutions for handling offline assignments, educators may struggle to maintain efficiency and effectiveness in assessment practices, hindering student engagement and academic progress.

Our Solution: Effortless Uploads for Offline Submissions

Graide's Upload Scripts feature offers a solution to the challenges of managing offline assignments and streamlining grading processes.

Simplified Submission Process

With Graide, educators can simplify the submission process for offline assignments by allowing students to upload their scripts with a simple zip file. Our platform eliminates the need for manual document collection and organisation, enabling educators to receive all offline submissions in a standardised digital format. By streamlining the submission process, Graide reduces administrative burden and ensures that educators have access to all student assignments in a centralised location, facilitating efficient grading and feedback delivery.

Automated Data Extraction

Graide automates the extraction of data from uploaded scripts, making it easy for educators to access and evaluate offline submissions. Our platform automatically extracts text, images, or other content from uploaded zip files, providing educators with digital copies of student assignments that can be easily reviewed and graded online. By eliminating the need for manual data entry or transcription, Graide accelerates the grading process and minimises the risk of errors or discrepancies in assessment outcomes.

Seamless Integration

Graide seamlessly integrates with existing assessment workflows, providing educators with a comprehensive solution for handling both online and offline assignments. Our platform allows educators to review and grade offline submissions alongside online assessments within the same interface, ensuring consistency and continuity in assessment practices. By centralising all assessment activities within Graide, educators can streamline grading processes, enhance collaboration, and optimise student learning experiences.

Experience the transformative benefits of Graide's Upload Scripts feature. Say goodbye to manual grading processes and hello to streamlined assessment workflows. Let us revolutionise your approach to handling offline assignments, empowering you to efficiently collect, evaluate, and provide feedback on student submissions with ease and confidence. With Graide, offline grading is not just a task, it's an opportunity to enhance student engagement, academic excellence, and educator effectiveness.