Extenuating Circumstances

Give students extra time and attempts on a case by case basis.

The Challenge: Supporting Students in Difficult Situations

Educators understand that students may encounter unexpected challenges or extenuating circumstances that impact their ability to meet academic requirements. Whether facing personal hardships, health issues, or unforeseen emergencies, these students require additional support and accommodations to ensure their academic success. However, without a structured mechanism for addressing extenuating circumstances, educators may struggle to provide equitable opportunities for all students, potentially exacerbating disparities in academic outcomes.

Lack of Flexibility

Traditional assessment policies may lack the flexibility needed to accommodate students with extenuating circumstances effectively. Educators may find themselves constrained by rigid deadlines, fixed assignment structures, and standardised grading practices that do not account for the unique needs of individual students. This lack of flexibility can hinder educators' ability to provide timely and appropriate support to students facing challenges, potentially undermining their academic progress and well-being.

Our Solution: Tailored Support for Every Student

Graide's Extenuating Circumstances feature offers a solution to the challenges of supporting students with unique needs and circumstances.

Personalised Accommodations

With Graide, educators can provide personalised accommodations to students facing extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Our platform allows educators to grant students extra time and attempts for assignments, ensuring that they have the flexibility they need to overcome challenges and succeed academically. By tailoring accommodations to individual student needs, Graide promotes equity, inclusivity, and student well-being, fostering a supportive learning environment where all students can thrive.

Transparent Communication

Graide facilitates transparent communication between educators and students regarding extenuating circumstances and accommodations. Our platform enables educators to document and track student requests for additional support, ensuring that all relevant information is captured and communicated effectively. By promoting open dialogue and collaboration, Graide empowers educators to work closely with students to identify solutions and implement accommodations that meet their unique needs and circumstances.

Empowering Educator Agency

Graide empowers educators with the agency to make informed decisions about accommodations for students with extenuating circumstances. Our platform provides educators with the flexibility to assess each situation individually, considering factors such as the nature of the circumstances, the impact on student learning, and the academic requirements of the course. By entrusting educators with the responsibility to determine appropriate accommodations, Graide promotes autonomy, professionalism, and student-centred support.

Experience the transformative benefits of Graide's Extenuating Circumstances feature. Say goodbye to rigid policies and hello to personalised support for every student. Let us revolutionise your approach to student accommodations, empowering you to address extenuating circumstances with flexibility, empathy, and fairness. With Graide, every student has the opportunity to succeed, regardless of the challenges they may face along the way.