Easy Editing

Edit existing feedback and have those changes apply to past and future submissions.

The Challenge: Feedback Refinement

Educators often encounter situations where they need to refine or update feedback provided to students. Whether correcting errors, clarifying instructions, or improving the clarity of comments, educators require a convenient and efficient way to make changes without the need for extensive regrading. Without a streamlined editing process, educators may find themselves reluctant to update feedback, leading to inconsistencies and inaccuracies in assessment outcomes.

Time-Consuming Adjustments

Traditional grading methods may impose significant time and effort constraints on educators when it comes to making changes to feedback. Educators may be deterred from revising feedback due to the labour-intensive nature of regrading everything from scratch. Without the ability to easily edit existing feedback, educators may opt to leave feedback unchanged or resort to cumbersome workarounds, resulting in missed opportunities for improvement and refinement.

Our Solution: Seamless Feedback Editing

Graide's Easy Editing feature offers a solution to the challenges of feedback refinement and time-consuming adjustments.

Streamlined Feedback Updates

With Graide, educators can effortlessly edit existing feedback and have those changes apply to past and future submissions automatically. Our platform streamlines the editing process, allowing educators to make revisions, corrections, or updates to feedback with ease and efficiency. Whether refining comments, adjusting scores, or adding supplementary information, educators can quickly update feedback without the need for extensive regrading, saving time and effort in the process.

Retrospective Application

Graide ensures that edited feedback applies retrospectively to past submissions, ensuring consistency and fairness in assessment outcomes. Educators can rest assured that changes made to feedback will be reflected accurately across previous assignments, maintaining transparency and integrity in the grading process. By enabling retrospective application of edited feedback, Graide empowers educators to refine assessment outcomes and provide students with timely and accurate feedback that supports their learning and growth.

Future-Proof Feedback

Graide's Easy Editing feature ensures that changes made to feedback also apply to future submissions, promoting consistency and coherence in assessment practices over time. Educators can make adjustments to feedback templates, scoring criteria, or comments, knowing that these changes will be automatically incorporated into future grading activities. This future-proofing capability enables educators to adapt their feedback strategies to evolving needs and circumstances, fostering continuous improvement in assessment practices and student outcomes.

Goodbye to grading frustrations and hello to effortless feedback refinement that enhances assessment accuracy and efficiency. You can make timely adjustments that support student learning and growth effectively with Graide.