Staff Work Timer

See how long it takes to grade each question to better manage resources.

The Challenge: Maximising Staff Effectiveness

Grading efficiently is critical for student success. But without insights into grading times, educators and administrators struggle to assess staff performance and allocate resources effectively. This inefficiency leads to delayed feedback, impacting student engagement and learning outcomes significantly.

Lack of Visibility into Grading Efficiency

Without a clear way to track grading time, organisations can't gauge their efficiency. This delay in understanding grading speed makes it hard for educators and administrators to solve problems or help struggling staff, slowing progress and causing workflow bottlenecks.

Our Solution: Staff Work Timer

Graide's Staff Work Timer feature offers a proactive solution to the challenges of monitoring staff effectiveness and optimising resource management.

Real-Time Grading Time Tracking

With Graide, organisations can track the time it takes for staff members to grade each question in real time. Our platform provides granular insights into grading efficiency, allowing educators and administrators to identify areas for improvement and optimise resource allocation accordingly.

Performance Assessment and Feedback

By monitoring grading time, Graide enables organisations to assess staff performance accurately and provide targeted feedback and support. Educators and administrators can identify staff members who may need additional training or assistance, fostering continuous improvement and professional development.

Resource Allocation Optimisation

Graide's Staff Work Timer feature empowers organisations to optimise resource allocation by identifying inefficiencies in the grading process. By reallocating resources based on grading time data, organisations can streamline workflows, reduce grading turnaround times, and enhance overall efficiency.

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