University of Birmingham - Case Study

Hear about how the University of Birmingham have been using Graide to improve their assessment and feedback processes in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

As former educators we learnt about the issues involved in grading and feedback. Traditionally, it involves fragmented systems and teams. Creating, delivering, and grading assignments happens in different locations. There is often administrative overhead such as collating and distributing work, adding up marks for each student, and transferring it to the learning management system. Then when you sit down to actually start grading, it is incredibly time consuming. It's repetitive in an awkward way because the work isn't identical, it's the approaches and the method that is similar where we have to use our pedagogical judgement. Lastly, students experience this frustration too. NSS scores are always low in the assessment and feedback category.

We built Graide to directly address these issues. It is an end-to-end assessment and feedback platform which deals with all the administrative overhead such as collating and adding up marks. It uses artificial intelligence to learn how you give feedback so you never have to grade the same method twice. Lastly it was designed in a way to directly address the NSS questions.

As a result of Graide you can improve feedback and turnaround times. This faster diagnosis of student issues can impact student retention. Feedback and grades are more also consistent. Finally, where there is a cost attributed to grading, those time savings can result in savings in excess of two hundred thousand pounds.

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Our research compared grading on paper to in the Graide platform for 10 questions with 172 submissions per question. The median grading times reduced by 74%, and the number of words of feedback given increased by a factor of 7.2.

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