June 8, 2023

Graide ranks on EdTech 50 - UK most innovative education tech creators

Oluwatosin Omowaire

Graide is one of the UK top most innovative EdTech companies.

Graide, the most powerful AI-powered assessment tool, has been named among the top 50 EdTech companies in the UK. This recognition is a testament to Graide's commitment to revolutionising education through technology.

Business Cloud's expert panel has released its long list of the UK's most innovative EdTech companies of 2023, and Graide was honoured to be included in the list. BusinessCloud is one of the UK’s leading media organisations that focuses specifically on the nation’s tech scene. The EdTech 50 list recognises the most innovative companies driving tech advancement in education across all levels. Companies on this list are chosen based on their impact on student's learning experiences, their potential for growth, and their overall innovation in the field of education technology.

Manjinder Kainth, CEO of Graide, said, "This is a great recognition for our AI assessment tool. As the UK's dynamic EdTech landscape continues to grow, it is amazing to be at the forefront, and it is a testament to the commitment and hard work of our team at Graide."

At Graide, we are committed to providing educators with automated tools that save them time and make grading easier. Our AI-powered platform allows educators to grade quickly and accurately while giving students the feedback they can use to improve their understanding of concepts.

Graide has revolutionised the traditional assessment workflow with its innovative use of technology. It has been systematically shown to reduce workload and improve feedback for students.

Graide is proud to be part of this prestigious list and looks forward to continuing its mission of creating innovative technologies that help educators create better learning experiences for students around the globe.

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