June 13, 2023

Graide at the e-Assessment Conference and Awards

Oluwatosin Omowaire

As technology continues to reshape the educational landscape, assessments are radically transforming from traditional pen-and-paper tests to digital formats, which is critical for the e-Assessment Association. Their focus is to promote better assessment of the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of people through technology.

Technology has revolutionised the field of education and assessments, in particular, making them more dynamic, efficient, and effective than ever before. With Graide at the forefront of this technological revolution, it is imminent that Graide be a part of the e-Assessment association.

Graide, as a member of the e-Assessment Association

We are exceptionally proud to be a distinguished and valuable member of the e-Assessment Association, contributing significantly to the advancement and innovation of e-assessment practises. With our expertise and experience, Graide plays a crucial role in shaping the future of assessments by actively participating in discussions, sharing insights, and collaborating with other industry professionals. We are happy to be contributing to help drive the development of best practises, standards, and ethical guidelines, ensuring that e-assessments are fair, reliable, and valid measures of students’ knowledge and skills.

Jon and Rob at the Graide stand

The e-Assessment Conference and Awards

The e-Assessment annual conference highlights the use of assessment; it brings together colleagues and education enthusiasts from all over Europe to discuss important issues in educational assessment and using technology to support and enhance good assessment practises.

The 2023 e-Assessment Conference and Awards were held in London on June 6 and 7, 2023. The Graide team was at the conference to share insightful knowledge on how artificial intelligence can support assessments and grading. It was also an opportune time to network with colleagues in education.

A particular highlight was the hands-on technology experience we shared with attendees on how Graide can support assessment in their institution or establishment. Attendees were able to demo how to use Graide and how artificial intelligence can assist with grading and feedback. We had amazing interactions and great feedback from this session.

2023 International e-Assessment Awards finalist

Graide was named a finalist in the Most Innovative Use of Technology category in the e-Assessment Award.

This recognition not only acknowledges Graide's remarkable achievements but also highlights our commitment to driving educational advancements through technology. We are proud to have been recognised for our cutting-edge technology and its impact on the education industry. Graide has created an innovative solution that streamlines the assessment process, provides timely feedback, and facilitates personalised learning.

We look forward to continuing to lead the way in AI-powered assessment!

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