February 28, 2024

Graide among the 200 Most Promising Ed-Tech Startups in Europe - 2023

Oluwatosin Omowaire

In a remarkable acknowledgement of innovation and potential in the educational technology sector, Graide has been listed among the 200 most promising Ed-tech startups in Europe by HolonIQ, the world's leading platform for market intelligence. This recognition is not just a testament to Graide's commitment to transforming education through technology but also highlights the company's role in shaping the future of learning across Europe and beyond.

The Europe EdTech 200 is focused on identifying young, fast-growing, and innovative learning, teaching, and upskilling startups across Europe. Powered by data and insights from the Impact Intelligence Platform, together with qualitative assessments by HolonIQ’s Intelligence Unit and local market experts, organisations are evaluated and scored based on our eligibility and assessment criteria. 

Who is HolonIQ?

HolonIQ is a global leader in market intelligence, offering insights, data, and analysis across various sectors, with a keen focus on education technology. Their comprehensive research and deep understanding of the global education landscape make their annual lists of the most promising startups a benchmark for excellence and innovation in the field. 

Full announcement here https://www.holoniq.com/notes/2023-europe-edtech-200 

Graide's Innovative Edge

Graide stands out for its innovative approach to education, leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance operations as an artificial intelligence-powered feedback and assessment platform. Graide is redefining what's possible in the realm of educational technology.

The criteria for selection into HolonIQ's prestigious list include innovation, scalability, impact, and the potential to address significant challenges in education. Graide's inclusion is a clear indication that it meets these criteria and is poised to make a significant impact on education in Europe and globally.

The Significance of This Recognition

This recognition further solidifies the impact that Graide has had on the Ed-Tech landscape in Europe, as it continues to provide educators and students with real-time feedback and assessment solutions. The powerful AI technology driving Graide's platform is already being used by multiple learners, educators, and organisations around Europe, helping them build their skills while receiving quality and faster feedback and assessment.

Graide's mission is to support educators by reducing the time spent on grading, allowing them to focus on what matters most – teaching and helping students grow. Graide is committed to empowering educators with the tools they need to provide real-time feedback and assessment, enabling them to make a difference in their students's learning journey.

This recognition from HolonIQ serves as an important milestone in Graide's journey towards achieving this goal and further strengthens its position as a leader in the EdTech field.

We are deeply honoured to be recognised.

You can find more information about Graide here: www.graide.co.uk

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