Assignment Manager

Simplify all assignment management with intelligently designed processes.

The Challenge: Assignment Overload

Educators face the arduous task of managing multiple assignments across various courses and student cohorts. From creating new assignments to setting deadlines, monitoring submissions, and providing feedback, assignment management can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming. Without a centralised platform for managing assignments, educators may find themselves bogged down by administrative tasks, leading to inefficiencies and stress.

Administrative Burden

Traditional assignment management methods may lack the flexibility and automation needed to alleviate the administrative burden on educators. Manual processes for creating, distributing, and grading assignments can consume valuable time and resources, detracting from educators' ability to focus on teaching and student engagement. Without streamlined workflows and automated features, educators may struggle to maintain consistency and fairness in assignment administration, impacting student satisfaction and learning outcomes.

Our Solution: Effortless Assignment Management

Graide's Assignment Manager offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges of assignment overload and administrative burden.

Reusable Assignments

With Graide, educators can create assignments once and reuse them multiple times across different courses and semesters. Our platform allows educators to save time and effort by leveraging pre-existing assignment templates and question banks, streamlining the assignment creation process and ensuring consistency in assessment standards.

Automated Grading Options

Graide offers optional auto-grading features, allowing educators to set automatic grading thresholds with appropriate confidence levels. Whether leveraging machine learning algorithms or predefined scoring criteria, educators can expedite the grading process and provide timely feedback to students, enhancing efficiency and scalability in assessment practices.

Objective Assessment

Graide supports anonymous grading, enabling educators to hide submitter information when grading assignments to ensure objectivity and fairness. By removing identifying details, educators can focus solely on evaluating student performance based on merit, fostering transparency and integrity in the grading process.

Flexible Assignment Settings

Graide provides a range of flexible assignment settings, including the ability to allow multiple attempts, set exam durations, and accommodate extenuating circumstances. Educators can customise assignment parameters to meet the unique needs of their students and courses, promoting equity and inclusivity in assessment practices.

Seamless Integration

Graide's Assignment Manager seamlessly integrates with existing learning management systems (LMS), allowing educators to upload offline student attempts with a simple zip file and providing a student view feature to preview assignments before publishing them. This seamless integration enhances workflow efficiency and ensures a smooth transition between assignment creation, distribution, and grading processes.

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Experience the transformative benefits of Graide's Assignment Manager. Say goodbye to assignment overload and administrative headaches and hello to streamlined efficiency and scalability in assignment management. Let us revolutionise your approach to assignment administration, empowering you to focus on what matters most—teaching and student engagement. With Graide, assignment management is no longer a chore—it's a seamless and intuitive process that enhances the learning experience for educators and students alike.