Workload Manager

Streamline Assessment Workloads Effortlessly

The Challenge: Managing Assessment Workloads

Learning providers face a common challenge: the overwhelming task of managing assessment workloads efficiently. From collecting student work to distributing it among graders, and finally, ensuring moderation and syncing grades with the learning management system, the process can be incredibly time-consuming and labour-intensive.

Lost Time and Resources

Every moment spent manually juggling assessment tasks is a moment lost in delivering quality learning experiences. The current methods drain staff time and energy, leading to inefficiencies and delays in grading turnaround times. Your team's productivity suffers as they struggle to keep up with the workload, impacting the overall quality of education delivery.

Our Solution: Workload Manager

Enter Graide's Workload Manager—a revolutionary solution designed to alleviate the burdens of assessment workload management. Our suite of features addresses every pain point encountered in the assessment process, offering a seamless and efficient workflow that empowers your staff to focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional learning experiences.

Pool Grading: Efficient Work Allocation

With Pool Grading, say goodbye to the chaos of manual workload distribution. Our feature allows you to collate all student work into a centralised pool, enabling your staff to pick up tasks based on urgency and availability. No more scrambling to assign tasks manually—let our intelligent system streamline the process for you.

Assigned Grading: Tailored Task Assignment

Take control of your grading process with Assigned Grading. Whether it's assigning tasks per question or per student, our feature empowers you to allocate specific work to graders with precision and ease. Say farewell to guesswork and inefficiencies—get tasks done with maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Key Date Controller: Effortless Schedule Management

Set specific dates for visibility, deadlines, or turnaround times effortlessly with our Key Date Controller feature. Maintain full control over the assessment timeline, ensuring smooth progress and timely submissions. No more missed deadlines or last-minute rushes—keep your assessment workflow on track with ease.

Moderation Manager: Streamlined Review Process

Ensure consistency and quality in student submissions with our Moderation Manager feature. Empower your leaders to review and make changes to student work seamlessly, facilitating effective moderation and feedback processes. Enhance the reliability of assessment outcomes and maintain standards effortlessly.

Learning System Sync: Seamless Integration

Sync grades and content seamlessly with your learning management system using our Learning System Sync feature. Ensure that grades and feedback are accurately reflected in your LMS, providing a cohesive learning experience for both educators and students. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to automated synchronisation.

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Experience the power of streamlined assessment workload management with Graide's Workload Manager. Say goodbye to manual inefficiencies and hello to effortless productivity. Let us revolutionise your assessment workflow, empowering you to deliver exceptional learning experiences every step of the way.