Flexible Submissions

Finally, a platform that allows your students to submit all types of answers.

The Challenge: Accommodating Diverse Submission Preferences

As an educator, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of your students when it comes to submitting their work can be a challenge. Some students may prefer typing their responses, while others may prefer handwriting or uploading images or PDFs. Without a flexible submission system in place, accommodating these varied preferences can be cumbersome and time-consuming, leading to frustration for both educators and students alike.

Limited Submission Options

Traditional submission methods often limit students to a single mode of submission, restricting their ability to choose the method that best suits their preferences or the nature of their work. This lack of flexibility may hinder student engagement and autonomy, as well as overlook valuable opportunities for creative expression and demonstration of understanding. Educators may also find it challenging to assess diverse types of submissions effectively within a rigid framework.

Our Solution: Flexible Submissions

Graide's Flexible Submissions feature offers a solution to the challenges of accommodating diverse submission preferences and enabling versatile submission methods.

Typed Mathematics

With Graide, students can type mathematics using an intuitive "type what you want" interface. Our platform supports mathematical input through a user-friendly interface that allows students to enter equations, expressions, and mathematical symbols seamlessly. This typing feature provides flexibility and convenience for students who prefer to work digitally and facilitates accurate mathematical representation in their submissions.

Handwriting Recognition

Graide's Handwriting Recognition feature allows students to submit handwritten mathematics using handwriting input. Our platform utilises advanced handwriting recognition technology to automatically convert handwritten equations and expressions into digital format. This functionality enables students to submit their work in their preferred handwriting style, preserving the authenticity and individuality of their submissions while streamlining the grading process for educators.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Graide supports optical character recognition (OCR), allowing students to take pictures of their handwritten work and convert it automatically into digital format. Our platform leverages OCR technology to recognise text and mathematical symbols within images, ensuring accurate representation of student submissions. This feature enables students to submit their handwritten work effortlessly, without the need for manual transcription or data entry.

Image & PDF Uploads

Additionally, Graide enables students to upload images and PDFs of their work, including graphs, diagrams, and other visual elements. Our platform accepts a wide range of file formats, allowing students to submit their work in the format that best suits their needs and the requirements of the assignment. This flexibility empowers students to showcase their understanding and creativity through visual representations, enriching the grading experience for educators.

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