Say goodbye to ticks and crosses.

Now every place where your grade has changed has accompanying feedback.

Computer and human graded assignment.

Fast, Flexible, Feedback

Your method acknowledged
There are multiple ways to get the right answer. On our platform teachers grade the method you took, not just the final answer.
A student method being taken into account when being given feedback.
Screenshot of handwriting recognition.
Freedom of responses
Answer the question however you would like to. Add text, maths, and images.
Consistent grading between your peers
Our platform ensures consistency. Gone are the days where your friends have different grades and feedback for the same work.
A graphic highlighting consistency when grading multiple submsisions.
A picture of a globe with educational institutes all over the world.
Accessible education across the world
We believe that high quality education should not be behind paywalls. It’s our vision to provide our platform to help institutions that are less fortunate.

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Everyone Loves Us

A picture of Enrico Martello
Enrico Martello
Teaching Assistant
“The more one gets into the software, the quicker it becomes. It was astonishingly quick!”
Michael Clark
Teaching Assistant
“The bank of feedback is immediately useful. But the biggest advantages, in my view, are the consistency of retroactively updating feedback.”
A photo of George McArdle
George McArdle
Teaching Assistant
"I found it a relatively easy system to use once you’ve got the hang of it and, in my personal opinion, I found it to be a great improvement on handwritten marking."
Two students cheering outside of a university.

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