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Fully GDPR compliant

All data for Graide (6 Bit’s Product) and associated services is securely hosted on our stable servers located in the European Union. These servers are certified with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. Graide stores sensitive information securely and with care and is completely compliant with the GDPR.

For your and our security, we have anonymised logging on all of Graide and associated services. All data is backed up every 6 hours and stored on secure servers.

If you would like to see our privacy policy you can find it here.

Integrate or standalone

Integrate with LTI
Graide integrates with most LMSs using LTI.
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Want to use it standalone?
If you would rather use Graide standalone you can! Just sign up and upload a spreadsheet to create relevant accounts.

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Request features

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Upcoming features and requests
Got some ideas of how we can improve the platform. Tell us! We’d love to work with you to make the Graide better.

You can request features and view a list of features we’re working on and when we expect to deploy them.
Extra techy information
We’ve built our platform on a serverless framework so that it can scale with arbitrary load. We’ve also used a React framework to help the platform work on both mobile and desktop devices simultaneously!
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Our partners
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